How to make superman in little alchemy

how to make superman in little alchemy

Best Little Alchemy Cheats and Guide website with the full list of elements. Starting Elements 1. water (= fire + ice) 2. fire 3. earth 4. air. This Little Alchemy cheat list is last updated for the March Update. the doctor, tardis, the one ring, and the yeti only appear once you make it. after you put. you are so supposed to go step by step if you are making a video to show someone how you did it otherwise.


How to make A Avalanche and Batman in Little Alchemy Please note that there are a couple versions of the game. Get Updates Enter your email address: Little Alchemy Element List. Leave this field. Ahmad schrifterkennung online July 10, at 1: This is a full featured one page guide for Little Alchemy. Keep our page Little Alchemy guide and cheats in the browser bookmarks, watch answers at any time and share it with friends Share Little Alchemy answers with friends!

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